Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste - 3.5 g

Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste - 3.5 g
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The Arctic Silver 5  thermal compound  is the ideal solution for a variety of... more
Product information "Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste - 3.5 g"

The Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound is the ideal solution for a variety of applications when it comes to efficiently dissipating heat from the heat source to the heat sink.

The reduced particle size of the heat-conducting component and the improved composition of the polysynthetic carrier medium ensure an even better distribution of the heat-conducting paste and thus an even better heat transfer. The Arctic Silver 5 is suitable for all applications and is available from us in several container sizes. Of course, it is also not electrically conductive.


  • Average particle size of around 0.49 microns
  • Not electrically conductive in normal use
  • Ideal pasty consistency and therefore very easy to process (optimal viscosity from 0 ° C to 130 ° C)

Technical details:

Type: Thermal paste
Content: 3.5 g
Shape: Pasty
Density: approx. 4.05 g / cm³ (at 20 ° C)
Colour: Gray
Flash point: > 999 °C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 7,5 bis 9 W/mK
Heat transfer coefficient: ca. 350 W/(Km²)
Temperature resistance: -50 °C bis 130 °C
kurzzeitig bis 180 °C
Electrically conductive: No
Cooling system D24 Cooling system D24
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