Peltier contact gel 2x 5 ml (2K)

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The innovatek Peltier contact gel is the optimal connection between the Peltier element and... more
Product information "Peltier contact gel 2x 5 ml (2K)"
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The innovatek Peltier contact gel is the optimal connection between the Peltier element and the heat exchanger - for example a water cooler - in order to transport the waste heat to the cooler as efficiently as possible. The Peltier contact gel is used - in contrast to the paste - for the detachable connection of Peltier elements to the heat exchanger or cooling body.

After mixing (1: 1) the two components included in the scope of delivery, the contact gel remains viscous, which means that the heat exchanger can be detached from the Peltier element again by hand. Please then follow the steps below when using the ready-mixed Peltier contact gel:

  1. Clean the contact surfaces so that they are free from dirt and grease.
  2. Apply a small amount of the contact gel to the center of the component to be cooled.
  3. Press the cooler firmly onto the Peltier element.
  4. Pull the cooler off again and check whether the entire contact surface has been wetted.
  5. If necessary, apply a little more contact gel, press the cooler back on and attach it.
  6. Repeat the process for the other side of the Peltier element.

Note: Please note that conventional contact media (e.g. thermal pastes such as Arctic Silver 5) are not suitable for use with Peltier elements, as these usually consist of a carrier substance and fillers. When used with Peltier cooling, the carrier substance migrates from the contact zone via capillary effects and cooling and heating cycles, and the dry filler would remain between the Peltier element and the heat exchanger. This would mean that the waste heat could no longer be dissipated via the heat exchanger and the Peltier element could possibly be destroyed.

Technical details:

Type: Peltier connection
Content: 2x 5 ml
Wärmekapazität: 1,5 J/(g*K)
Electrically conductive: No


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