PCPS 24V pump with integrated AGB and level switch (push-in)

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The PCPS 24V pump v2 developed by innovatek and EHEIM is a powerful and at the same time... more
Product information "PCPS 24V pump with integrated AGB and level switch (push-in)"
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The PCPS 24V pump v2 developed by innovatek and EHEIM is a powerful and at the same time very quiet running synchronous rotor centrifugal pump. Despite its compact dimensions, the 24V pump has a delivery head of up to 1.60 meters, with power consumption ranging from 3.7 to 4.0 watts depending on the operating mode. When switched on, the PCPS starts with a low pressure and then gently increases this to the operating pressure within about 3 seconds. In this way, the service life is increased and the mechanics of the 24V pump are effectively protected, with the included microprocessor controlling and monitoring the pump.

In addition to the pump itself, the compact housing also contains a coolant tank and a level switch (float switch). The coolant tank makes it very easy to fill and maintain the cooling system. The level switch monitors the coolant level inside the coolant tank and sends a signal via the alarm output in case of insufficient level.

In contrast to the 12V version of the pump, this variant has an additional passive cooler, which ensures optimum cooling of the pump electronics. In order to ensure this, stagnant heat - as with all passive coolers - should be avoided.

Under the easily removable electronics cover of the motor body (without the use of force or tools, removable by slightly angling it), the user can reach the pump's control unit. Four programs are available as standard, with the desired program being set by means of a small 2-way DIP switch and read out when the 24V pump is started. To change the control, the two switches are set according to the following scheme: 

Silent 2: SW1: Off SW2: Off 50 Hz
Silent 1: SW1: On SW2: Off 57 Hz
Normal: SW1: Off SW2: On 65 Hz
Power: SW1: On SW2: On 74 Hz

The PCPS 24V pump can be operated directly from a 24 V DC power supply. For mounting the pump has four M4 threaded holes on the back side. Thanks to the modern 2-pin push-in cable terminal, the pump can be used virtually anywhere.


  • Very compact and space-saving
  • Integrated coolant tank
  • High running smoothness, therefore very quiet in operation
  • High pump performance with adjustable modes (via DIP switch)
  • Automatic and individual adjustment of the operating point to the cooling system
  • Monitoring of the filling medium level by integrated level switch
  • Rotor can be changed without draining the cooling water
  • Extremely low power consumption and minimum starting current
  • Quick start function
  • Oscillation detection with automatic restart
  • Absolutely suitable for continuous operation
  • Extremely reliable and safe to use

Scope of delivery:

  • Circulation pump with integrated reservoir (without connections!)
  • Reservoir cover with mounted sealing ring
  • Mounting plate
  • Operating instructions / manual (German, English, French and Spanish)

Technical details:

Type: Synchronous rotor centrifugal pump
Tank volume: 62 ml
Dimensions: 68 x 55 x 135 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca. 265 g
Thread: 2x 1/4 inch (BSP/G)
Delivery head: 1,60 m (75 Hz)
2,10 m (85 Hz)
2,70 m (95 Hz)
3,00 m (110 Hz)
Delivery rate (external): max. 8 l/min
Supply pressure (external): max. 0,3 bar
Ambient temperature: 10 °C bis 60 °C
Voltage Range: 24 V DC
Power consumption: 3,7 bis 4 W
Electrical interface: 2-Pin Push-In Kabelterminal
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