Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme - liquid metal

Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme - liquid metal
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The Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme liquid metal thermal paste offers excellent performance and... more
Product information "Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme - liquid metal"
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The Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme liquid metal thermal paste offers excellent performance and further improved usability. It is pasty and can be very easily applied to the contact surfaces with the help of a small brush included in the scope of delivery or a small spatula. Due to its pasty consistency, the thermal paste is also very suitable for filling in smaller gaps.

The Liquid Extreme liquid metal thermal paste consists of highly thermally conductive metals, which results in the extremely good thermal conductivity compared to other contact media. It is pasty at room temperature, completely non-toxic and very easy to apply and use.

The application of the Coollaboratory Liquid Extreme liquid metal thermal paste is simple and unproblematic. The paste-like heat transfer agent is applied as thinly as possible on both sides with a brush. Due to the adhesion, it does not drip and can therefore of course also be used vertically. The application creates a very thin, metallic coating which, when the contact surfaces are connected, combines to form a thin, highly thermally conductive layer. This enables absolutely outstanding thermal conductivity values ​​and excellent cooling performance. The amount contained in the tube is usually sufficient for several applications.

The removal of liquid metal is also not a problem, especially since the smallest bumps on the contact surfaces are permanently refined (sealed) with liquid metal. We recommend polishing pastes for cleaning, such as those used for cleaning chrome parts on vehicles. Metal grinding pads are also very efficient (see instructions).

Besides the high-quality Liquid Extreme, we also offer the liquid metal thermal pastes Liquid Pro and Liquid Ultra from the manufacturer Coollaboratory in our online store.

Note: The Liquid Extreme liquid metal thermal paste was developed exclusively for use with high-quality contact surfaces made of copper, silver, nickel or gold. It is not suitable for use on an aluminum contact surface!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Liquid Extreme
  • 1x abrasive fleece
  • 2x brush
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • operation manual

Technical details:

Type: Thermal paste
Content: 0.15 ml (1 g)
Material: Liquid metal
Shape: Pasty
Colour: Gray
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 41 W/mK
Electrically conductive: Yes
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