Payment / Dispatch

Wir versenden mit UPS

It is important to us that your order arrives quickly and undamaged. That is why we have been working with the world-famous logistics service provider UPS for many years to guarantee the smooth, safe and speedy delivery of your order.

Shipping within Germany usually only takes 1 to 3 working days. Shipping to other EU countries (continental only) usually takes a few more days.

Shipping to third countries (Switzerland, Canada, USA, ...) can take a long time due to customs clearance and the longer transport route.

You can check the status of a shipment directly with UPS using the shipment tracking.

Overview of shipping costs

  0 - 4 kg 4 - 10 kg 10 - 30 kg 30 - 60 kg 60 - 200 kg über 200 kg
Deutschland Germany €6,90 €8,90 €14,90 €59,90 €79,90 from €99,90
  0 - 4 kg 4 - 10 kg 10 - 20 kg 20 - 60 kg 60 - 200 kg über 200 kg
Europa Europe (EU) €19,90 €29,90 €39,90 €139,90 €199,90 from €499,90
  0 - 4 kg 4 - 10 kg 10 - 30 kg über 30 kg
Australien Australia €224,90 from €284,90
Brasilien Brasil €149,90 €169,90 €369,90 from €549,90
China China €169,90 €299,90 from €399,90
Großbritannien Great Britain €104,90 €114,90 €129,90 from €179,90
Indien India €179,90 from €209,90
Japan Japan €149,90 € €159,90 € €259,90 € from €459,90 €
Kanada Canada €199,90 € €299,90 € €399,90 € from €599,90 €
Norwegen Norway €84,90 € €89,90 € €109,90 € from €299,90 €
USA USA €149,90 € €249,90 € €349,90 € from €549,90 €
Schweiz Swiss €99,90 €104,90 €109,90 from €139,90
Serbien Serbien €199,90 €229,90 €259,90 from €289,90

Note: All shipping costs to third countries include - if incurred in the course of shipping - the customs clearance costs incurred in our company. If your shipping address is subject to a special case (island, ...) or if it is in a third country, the shipping costs may differ from the values listed here. In such a case, our customer service team will contact you after completing the order..

Payment Methods

In our online shop you can order by PayPal and prepayment. In both cases, you will of course not incur any additional fees. Below are some more details about the payment methods we offer:


Zahlen Sie schnell und sicher mit PayPal

PayPal is a safe, fast and very easy payment method for online orders. You can also place an order via PayPal in our online shop with just a few clicks. In the course of such an order, we receive the payment immediately, so that we can send your order as quickly as possible.

When paying with PayPal, all common payment methods are automatically available to you, provided you have activated them in your PayPal account: credit card, direct debit, Giropay and credit. You can find more information about PayPal here::

Our PayPal address is:

Payment in advance

Zahlen Sie per Vorkasse

An order in advance is a classic transfer of the total amount. After completing the order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation by email. In this you will find a list of the products you have ordered, our bank details and your order number.

Please note that the receipt of payment for a transfer can take 1 to 5 days, depending on the day of the week and the banks involved in the transfer. Unfortunately, we ourselves have no influence on the processing speed of the banks. As soon as we have received your payment, we will dispatch your order as soon as possible.

Account owner: innovatek OS GmbH
Bank: Deutsche Bank Ingolstadt
IBAN: DE03 7217 0024 0211 1292 00
Usage: Order number, name


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