Water temperature sensor for 10/8 mm (8x1)

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The innovatek water temperature sensor has a 1/4-inch thread and a 10/8-mm connection and... more
Product information "Water temperature sensor for 10/8 mm (8x1)"
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The innovatek water temperature sensor has a 1/4-inch thread and a 10/8-mm connection and allows direct measurement of the water temperature within the water cooling system. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively take an extremely accurate measurement of the coolant.

Simply screw the water temperature sensor into a free 1/4-inch thread in the desired component (for example, the radiator or cooler) and then connect the 2-pin connector to a fan controller. The cable connector built into the water temperature sensor can be rotated, so there are no problems with other connections or the like during installation.

The water temperature sensor itself is thermally connected to the cooling medium with a special copper carrier made of high-purity copper. If copper alloys such as brass were used, the result would otherwise be distorted. To ensure optimum corrosion resistance, the housing of the water temperature sensor is also nickel-plated.


  • Rotatable sensor head
  • Temperature measurement directly in the coolant flow
  • No flow reduction
  • Absolutely corrosion resistant
  • Simple and safe hose attachment with screw connection
  • Fast and safe handling

Technical details:

Connector: 1x 10/8 mm (8x1)
Thread: 1x 1/4 inch (BSP/G)
Interface: 2-Pol (ca. 100 cm Kabellänge)
Cooling system D24 Cooling system D24
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