EPDM hose 19/13 mm - black

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The black 19/13 mm hose made of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) for water cooling... more
Product information "EPDM hose 19/13 mm - black"
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The black 19/13 mm hose made of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) for water cooling systems offers a very high operating pressure, an extremely long application time and - thanks to high ozone resistance and UV stabilisation - is particularly suitable for industrial outdoor use.

In addition to its excellent workmanship, the EPDM hose also offers good protection against diffusion and good resistance to a wide range of chemicals (acids, alkalis, polar solvents, ...) with the exception of mineral oils and greases.

Due to its wall thickness of 3.5 mm, the EPDM hose also has a high rigidity with a bending radius of up to 75 mm.

The EPDM hose is used in cooling systems within the chemical industry, laboratory and process technology, industrial construction and vehicle construction with a pressure of up to 20 bar, whereby the hose can remain in use for an unlimited period of time if used correctly.

Technical details:

Outer diameter: 19,0 mm
Inside diameter: 13,0 mm
Wall thickness: 3,0 mm
Material: Ethylene propylene diene rubber
Colour: Black
Bending radius: 75 mm
Operating pressure: max. 20 bar
Burst pressure: 60 bar
Temperature resistance: -40 °C bis 120 °C
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