Cooling system 3526-03 (Active, compressor-based)

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With this active and compressor-based cooling system (chiller) you can call up a cooling... more
Product information "Cooling system 3526-03 (Active, compressor-based)"
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With this active and compressor-based cooling system (chiller) you can call up a cooling capacity of up to 1,000 W.

With the help of the circulation pump contained in the compact housing of the cooling unit, the cooling liquid is fed through the cooling system at a rate of up to 20 liters per minute. The waste heat supplied in the process is transferred to the refrigerant gas via the evaporator. Refrigerant vaporized in this process is drawn in by the compressor and compressed. The compressed refrigerant (hot gas) is then cooled and liquefied in the condenser. The heat thus released is now dissipated by the cooling system to the ambient air. Using this technique, the cooling system achieves a cooling capacity of 1,000 watts at 22 °C coolant temperature and 35 °C ambient temperature.

The liquefied refrigerant is then re-injected into the evaporator via the expansion valve, again absorbing the waste heat. A high-pressure switch integrated in the cooling system effectively protects the cooling system against overpressure. A 2/2-way valve mounted in the cooling circuit regulates the required cooling capacity depending on the measured cooling water temperature via the temperature sensor and temperature controller.

A float switch mounted in the storage tank effectively protects the circulation pump from running dry by monitoring the level and signaling when the water level is too low.

Technical details:

Type: Active cooling system (with compressor)
Dimensions: 653 x 444 x 330 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca. 50 kg
Loudness: ~ 55 dB(A)
Fan: 1x 200 x 200 mm (230 V, 50 Hz, 0,4 A)
Ambient temperature: 10 °C bis 35 °C
Cooling water temperature: 15 °C bis 32 °C
Prescribed coolant: innovatek Protect iP (20 % Protect IP, 80 % destilliertes Wasser)
Tank volume: 10 l
Refrigerant: R134a
Cooling capacity: 1.000 W (bei 35 °C Umgebung, 25 °C Kühlmedium)
Delivery rate (external): max. 20 l/min
Supply pressure (external): 2,8 bar
Voltage Range: 230 V
Power consumption: max. 8 A
Connector: Drain: 1/4 inch screw plug, Flow and return: CPC-NS4 coupling (male)
Electrical interface: Netzfilter 10 A / RS 485