Cooling system 3526-09 Kappa G5

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With a cooling system designed and developed by us , we offer you an efficient, simple and... more
Product information "Cooling system 3526-09 Kappa G5"
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With a cooling system designed and developed by us, we offer you an efficient, simple and professional way to cool heat sources. A cooling system from our company offers, among other things, very effective heat exchangers (radiators) with aluminum brazing technology, whereby, if desired or if there is a specific power requirement, high-quality copper tube versions (VE suitable) can also be installed. We adapt the cooling system optimally to your requirements - be it performance, volume, efficiency or size of the cooling system.

In the passive (direct) cooling system 3526-09 Kappa G5 shown here as an example, simple control technology (status LED, level sensor) is installed in addition to the actual cooling (cooling capacity of up to 3,500 W). With a thermal resistance of around 0.0055 K/W, this cooling system is suitable even for the dissipation of very high power losses. Of course, we also integrate other intelligent control technologies into our cooling systems on request, so that, for example, the desired target temperature can be reached and maintained without any problems. In addition to simple displays, digital display solutions adapted to your needs are also no problem. Also in your corporate identity (CI).

The components of the cooling system are fully integrated in the robust housing. All connections for the water circuit and the terminals for the power supply and the error output are located on the outside of the unit for easy access. The connections for the cooling liquid are equipped with drip-free CPC-HFCD12 couplings (female), so that the cooling system can be quickly and safely connected to the cooling circuit.

Integrated air filters effectively protect the system from dust loads. The integrated status LEDs also visually indicate proper operation or a possible lack of cooling water on the unit. The system is filled simply and easily via the filling nozzle on the top of the coolant tank inside the unit.

You need a cooling solution for your waste heat problem? Then we look forward to your contact in order to develop with you the optimal suitable cooling system for your project. Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone +49 (0) 8405 / 9259-0 or by e-mail.

Technical details:

Type: Passive / direct cooling system
Dimensions: 682 x 404 x 477 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca. 30 kg
Loudness: ~ 51 dB(A)
Fan: 4x 120 x 120 x 25 mm (12 V, 6,84 W, 210 m³/h)
Ambient temperature: 10 °C bis 55 °C
Cooling water temperature: 0 °C bis 60 °C
Prescribed coolant: innovatek Protect iP (20 % Protect IP, 80 % destilliertes Wasser)
Tank volume: 18 l
Cooling capacity: 3.500 W (bei ΔT 20K)
Thermal resistance: ~ 0,0055 K/W
Delivery rate (external): max. 15 l/min
Supply pressure (external): 2,8 bar
Voltage Range: 230 V 50 Hz
Power consumption: max. 400 W (1,8 A)
Connector: Forward and reverse: CPC-HFCD12 coupling (female)
Electrical interface: Dose Hirschmann CA-Serie
Nennstrom: 10 A/AC/DC Pole: 6 + PE Typ 932 325-100, Steckverbinder Hirschmann CA-Serie
Nennstrom: 10 A/AC/DC Pole: 6 + PE
Typ 932 326-100
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