Black Ice SR2 - 280 MP

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The black Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 - 280 MP offers extreme versatility as well as a very... more
Product information "Black Ice SR2 - 280 MP"

The black Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 - 280 MP offers extreme versatility as well as a very high cooling capacity of 1,100 watts. Compared to its predecessor, the radiator offers over 50 percent more surface area for the coolant flowing through the radiator, allowing the waste heat to be optimally dissipated in conjunction with two fans.

Due to its size, the radiator is particularly suitable for smaller cooling systems, for example in computers, 3D printers and similar applications. Thanks to the new arrangement of the soldered copper fins, you can thus achieve an excellent cooling performance.

However, the real highlight of this radiator is the connection terminal, because unlike conventional radiators, the SR2 offers the user eight 1/4-inch threads laid out in four directions at once. Thanks to this trick, the radiator reveals unimagined application possibilities. The threads that are not needed can be closed with an optional screw plug, for example.

The necessary cooling is ensured by mounting two also optional 140 mm fans, for which the radiator has matching M4 threads (on both sides).

The heat exchanger can be mounted in any desired installation position.

Technical details:

Dimensions: 312 x 153 x 60 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca. 1,70 kg
Material: Brass, copper, soft solder
Thread: 8x 1/4 inch (BSP/G)
Fan: 2x 140 x 140 mm (optional)
Power-LED Power-LED
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