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The innovatek RADI - Dual - 240 mm radiator combines minimum space requirements with maximum... more
Product information "innovatek RADI - Dual"
innovatek - Innovativ durch Forschung innovatek received the Innovative through Research award from the Stifterverband
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The innovatek RADI - Dual - 240 mm radiator combines minimum space requirements with maximum cooling performance and is therefore suitable for smaller as well as larger cooling systems in e.g. computers.

The radiator comes with two 10/8 mm connections, which are screwed into the two 1/4 inch threads. Thus, the user only has to connect the hoses of his own cooling system to the radiator and then mount up to two optional 120 mm fans on the front or back of the radiator.

The fine fins of the radiator ensure optimum heat dissipation to the cooling air, but without significantly obstructing the air flow. Furthermore, the air flow of the fans is optimally utilised by the high-quality casing, whereby the entire surface of the radiator is flowed around by the cooling air. In addition, this measure also contributes to the reduction of flow noise, which makes the radiator very quiet. 

Due to the particularly elaborate manufacturing process, the innovatek radiators are "made of one cast", the fins and the water flow thus no longer have any "separation" - which means that optimum cooling performance is achieved over an unlimited period of time! This process is unique and is only used for innovatek radiators in the water cooler sector. As a further special feature, our radiators are flux-free. This guarantees that there are no residues in the radiator that could damage the cooling system.

The radiator has various mounting options and can be mounted in any position in the PC case. In order to make mounting the radiator in the case and attaching the fans to the radiator as simple and unproblematic as possible, we recommend using plastic quick-fix rivets. The holes on the radiator have been optimised for this fastening method. This means you no longer need any tools and the fastening is absolutely safe and reliable.

Technical details:

Dimensions: 315 x 140 x 45 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca 680 g
Thread: 2x 1/4 inch (BSP/G)
Connector: 2x 10/8 mm (8x1)
Fan: 2x 120 x 120 mm (optional)
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