HPPS Plus v4 - 12V Pump - Power Mode

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The  HPPS Plus v4 - 12V pump  in the power version is ideal for use in computer,... more
Product information "HPPS Plus v4 - 12V Pump - Power Mode"
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The HPPS Plus v4 - 12V pump in the power version is ideal for use in computer, server and industrial systems due to its extremely performance, low volume and outstanding durability. Thanks to its connection voltage of 12 volts and the modern 2-pin push-in cable terminal, the pump can be used almost anywhere. If a 4-pin connection is required, this can be implemented quickly and easily with the optional 12 V adapter to 4-pin Molex.

A microprocessor built into the 12V pump ensures fully automatic monitoring and control to ensure optimum performance. When the pump is started, for example, a soft start is carried out in order to protect the axle bearings and an oscillation detection ensures that the pump is restarted automatically in the event of a fault. In combination with the specially mounted ceramic axis and ceramic bearings of the rotor, the HPPS Plus v4 is clearly ahead of the normal EHEIM pump 1046 and has, for example, a significantly smaller bearing clearance.

The HPPS Plus v4 has a specially developed motor with an extremely high degree of efficiency and low power consumption. In addition, the power version of the pump can be converted into a standard or silent version in just a few simple steps. The changeover takes place manually with a small intervention (using solder bridges), alternatively the pump is also available from us in the versions mentioned as a preset.

The 12V pump is supplied with a 10/8 mm connection made of nickel-plated brass for the outlet. There is a 3/8-inch internal thread in the inlet of the pump. You can use other connections here - as an alternative to the AGB-O-Matic coolant tank that we also offer for easy attachment. In connection with a 10/8 mm hose, we offer you the optional screw-in fitting.


  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Extremely smooth and therefore very quiet
  • Fully ceramic bearings of the rotor and ceramic axis with special rubber bearings
  • Monitoring and regulation of the pump with the help of an integrated microprocessor
  • High efficiency and low power consumption thanks to a special motor
  • Electronic start-up protection, soft start, quick start function and oscillation detection with automatic restart
  • Interchangeable connections for inlet (plug connector / 3/8 inch internal thread) and outlet (10/8 mm)
  • Customizable operating mode (standard, silent and power)

Scope of delivery:

  • HPPS Plus pump - power mode incl. 10/8 mm connection for outlet
  • Mounting foot (can be attached to three sides of the pump)
  • Operating instructions / manual (German)

Technical details:

Type: Centrifugal pump
Dimensions: 130 x 55 x 65 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca. 500 g
Connector: 1x connector for reservoir
1x 10/8 mm (8x1, outlet)
Delivery head: 4,00 m
Delivery rate (external): max. 5 l/min
Supply pressure (external): max. 0,3 bar
Ambient temperature: -10 °C bis 60 °C
Voltage Range: 12 V DC (optional 24 V)
Power consumption: max. 5 W
Electrical interface: 2-Pin Push-In Kabelterminal
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