Double wire clamp AAL 11.0 - 11.6 mm - Galvanized

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This double wire clamp makes fixing a hose to a fitting with a width of 11.0 to... more
Product information "Double wire clamp AAL 11.0 - 11.6 mm - Galvanized"

This double wire clamp makes fixing a hose to a fitting with a width of 11.0 to 11.6 mm child's play. The double wire clamp is made of galvanized steel and offers a very high quality.

The use of the double wire clamp is very simple: Pull the double wire clamp over the hose and then put the hose (without clamp) on the fitting. Now by pressing the clamp end pieces together, pull the double wire clamp onto the fitting. A major advantage of this hose fixation over a classic fitting is that it automatically tightens when the temperature changes, effectively preventing coolant from escaping.

This double wire clamp is usually suitable for hoses with an outer diameter of 11 mm, although this also depends on the fitting used. In case of doubt, we recommend buying several double wire clamps in slightly different sizes to ensure optimal fixation for each fitting.

Technical details:

Nominal size: 11,0 - 11,6 mm
Empfohlene Schlauchgröße: 11 mm (outer diameter)
Material: Verzinkter Stahl
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