Cooling system D24-2

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The compact innovatek D24-2 cooling system is the successor to the D24 and represents an... more
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The compact innovatek D24-2 cooling system is the successor to the D24 and represents an extremely powerful and also very robust liquid recooling system with up to 850 watts of cooling capacity. Compared to its predecessor, the D24-2 has a significantly larger coolant tank with a net volume of around 2.5 liters. The cooling system can be used as a standalone solution without any problems thanks to its small dimensions and all the components already integrated that are required. Re-cooling takes place directly with the ambient air without the use of a compressor.

All components of the recooling system are fully integrated in the sturdy steel housing, which means that no external attachments are necessary. In addition, all connections (coolant, power, ...) are located on the front of the unit for easy access. A modern HPPS pump has also been installed in the housing of the D24-2, ensuring quiet and reliable operation.

The cooling water connections are equipped with self-locking CPC NS2 fittings, so that the recooling system can be easily connected to the cooling circuit. The integrated status LEDs indicate proper operation or a possible error (fill level) also visually on the unit. In addition, an error case output is available.

Filling the system is simple and straightforward via the large filling nozzle in the lid, and the recooling system is also very easy to transport thanks to the two handles fitted from the factory.

Like all innovatek products, this recooling system can be customized to meet your individual needs. For example, we are happy to offer you an upgrade with higher performance (0.03 K/W with a 6 W fan with 220 m³/h) as well as higher flow rate (up to 3.5 l/min).

The compact system is ideally suited for cooling of for example:

  • Optoelectronic components
  • CCD cameras or sensors
  • Laser systems / laser shutters
  • beam dumps
  • and many more.

Technical details:

Type: Passive / direct cooling system
Dimensions: 290 x 235 x 280 mm (LxBxH)
Weight: ca. 8 kg (unbefüllt)
Loudness: ~ 39 dB(A)
Fan: 1x 120 x 120 x 25 mm (24 V, 3,8 W, 150 m³/h)
Ambient temperature: 10 °C bis 55 °C
Cooling water temperature: 0 °C bis 60 °C
Recommended coolant: innovatek Protect iP (25 % Protect IP, 75 % destilliertes Wasser)
Tank volume: 2,5 l
Cooling capacity: 850 W (bei ΔT 38K , 22 °C Umgebung, 60 °C Wasser)
Thermal resistance: ~ 0,045 K/W
Delivery rate (external): max. 2,5 l/min
Supply pressure (external): 350 mbar
Voltage Range: 24 V DC
Power consumption: 30 W
Connector: Forward and reverse: CPC-NS2 coupling (hydraulic, female)
Electrical interface: Steckverbinder Hirschmann CA-Serie
Nennstrom: 10 A/AC/DC Pole: 6 + PE
Typ 932 326-100
Miscellaneous: Automatisches Entlüftungssystem
Luftfilter G2
Selbstsperrende Ablasskupplung
Niveauschalter im Tank
Füllstandsüberwachung mit Signalausgang und optischer Anzeige
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Cooling system D24 Cooling system D24
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