Flow-Meter PRO rev3.6 flow measuring turbine

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The Flow-Meter PRO rev3.6 flow meter turbine is designed to be connected directly (like a normal... more
Product information "Flow-Meter PRO rev3.6 flow measuring turbine"
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The Flow-Meter PRO rev3.6 flow meter turbine is designed to be connected directly (like a normal fan) to the motherboard to monitor the flow in your cooling system. Out of the box, you can fix two 10/8mm hoses to the Flow-Meter PRO. Alternatively, using other connections is no problem with the optional 1/8 inch (IT) to 1/4 inch (IT) adapter.

In doing so, the Flow-Meter PRO converts the measured flow rate into a tachometer signal so that you can read out and monitor the speed via the BIOS or tool. The pulse rate of the flow meter is 2800 pulses / liter. At a flow rate of, for example, 0.7 liters / minute, the BIOS / tool would display a value of 1960 RPM.

As an additional safety and monitoring feature, the FlowMeter PRO Rev 3.6 has a very bright blue indicator LED, which also visually indicates the correct functioning of the cooling system.


  • Directly suitable for connection to the mainboard
  • Special measuring chamber
  • Integrated evaluation electronics
  • Blue indicator LED (flashes 4x per rotor revolution, corresponds to a constant glow of the LED at normal flow)

Scope of delivery:

  • FlowMeter PRO Rev 3.6
  • 3-pin Molex connector with 55 cm long cable
  • 2x 10/8 mm connectors (8x1)

Technical details:

Type: Measuring turbine with non-contact scanning
Dimensions: 79 x 41 x 21 mm (LxBxH)
Material: Highly tough special plastic
Electrical interface: 1x 3-Pin Molex (ca. 55 cm Kabel)
Connector: 2x 10/8 mm (8x1)
Pulse rate: 2800 p/l (+/- 10 %)
Measuring range: 0,1 bis 3,5 l/min
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