Level monitor for AGB-O-Matic

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The level monitor for the innovatek AGB-O-Matic coolant tank monitors the level in your water... more
Product information "Level monitor for AGB-O-Matic"
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The level monitor for the innovatek AGB-O-Matic coolant tank monitors the level in your water cooling system and reliably reports a low liquid level. To install it, simply replace the original lid of the AGB-O-Matic with the level monitor. Of course, the system has no electrical contact with the cooling water and therefore works extremely reliably.

To monitor the level, the level monitor is connected to a free fan connector on the mainboard and a fan with an active tacho signal using its 3-pin and 3-pin Molex connector. Alternatively to a mainboard, the connection to a fan controller (e.g. Fan-O-Matic) is of course also possible. As soon as the fill level is too low, the sensor reports this and interrupts the fan's tacho signal. Thus, the fill level can be evaluated directly via the BIOS or a software tool and no additional monitoring system is required.


  • Extremely easy installation
  • Safe and reliable operation
  • No potential entry into the cooling water
  • Does not require an additional control system
  • Can be connected directly to the main board or a fan controller

Note: In the delivery state, the level monitor is configured as a so-called "normally closed contact". The yellow line is switched here, red and black are looped through 1:1. The signal is given at a water level of approx. 10 mm below the lower edge of the thread of the filling opening. To configure the level monitor as a "fault closer" (instead of "opener"), simply turn the float around.

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